I’m looking forward to your answers Revision notes and power problems. If a defect is discovered, More information. We suppose that there’s a problem with various usb host controllers Andy Neil Why do you suppose that? I think that, you performed some tests by yourself, but did you really reproduce such a problem?

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LabVIEW Embedded

Our problem is, that in some cases the XP installation assistent fails and the vcom driver is not installed after the installation failure. This icon denotes a caution, which advises you of precautions to take to avoid injury, data loss, or a system crash.

We suppose that there’s a problem with various usb host controllers. Another important fact maybe Robert Suess Tsuneo Chinzei wrote [ Do you think of a special note that could be relevant? As Andy said, it sounds like related to the device hardware and firmware.

This file contains information for installing the correct usb driver for the virtual serial connection. And then, MCU enables a regulator which feeds from local supply to the peripherals of heavy load. Personally, I beleive that you have power problems on your target board.


WindowsXP uses a generic driver file ‘usbser. Going deeper into usb initialization.


But to make it sure, check the revision. Click here to review our site terms of use. The N8VBdriver is not here. Another important fact maybe Al Bradford As Tsuneo points out, you should review ALL the revision notes on all the chips from Step ‘A’ to Step ‘D’ devices for information that might be revelant to your problem. I read about some tools in usb-threads in this forum, but have no idea where to search for the problem and wich tool to use for searching. When the MCU powers down, the regulator cuts off by pull-down attached to the enable pin.

Revision notes and power problems. The normal operation is as follows: Another important fact maybe. I’m looking forward to your answers While development phase everything worked fine, but now – in null series phase – we tested our device on various PCs an recognized the installation problem. There are several options a VBUS watch: Has anyone ideas to definitely locate and maybe solve the problem? Do you want to know if any of the cases you mentioned are true?

Some keil mcb vcom features of this engine include the following: After checking the hardware, now we must check the firmware? Following this assistent, the user must specify the path to the file ‘mcbvcom.


So, the problem is that, the hardware configuration manager reports that, “Found NO new hardware! Laptop computers are very bad about marginal USB power.

User safety and equipment protection guidelines. I hope I understood the properly meaning of your post. Anyway, if you don’t like to modify your board so much, sort out the firmware for self-powered. As the current revision is “D”, the forth one, I suppose your boards would not mount this old revision.

You need to make sure that your modification is bug free and proper.

I could post our source partially, if you tell me wich parts are of interest. Going deeper into usb initialization Robert Suess Hello John, Hello Tsuneo, at first I want to thank you both for your reply too and give answers to your questions:

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