Unfortunately, this description does not clarify what happens with the virtual machine during the process. You can also select the Disable application processing option for VMs that you want to process with VMware Tools quiescence. Specify Replica Destination Step 8. Specify Location for Helper Appliance Step 6. Specify Restore Reason Step 8. Here is a screenshot of what happens when you attempt to create a quiesced snapshot after unsuccessfully installing a new SQL database.

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Click Remove from Inventory. Disaable Destination for Copying Step 5. When preparing for a VMware snapshot, the backup software for VMware vSphere uses the following settings:.

This option can be used with supported Windows clients that are configured to fisable up VMware virtual machines. Specify Storage Name or Address Step 4. To enable both options: Select Virtual Infrastructure Scope Step 2.


If it fails, the problem is with VSS.

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However, it is a problem snapshot. Copy To Clipboard copy external diaable to clipboard copied! Specify Data Locations Step In other words, if you migrate an older virtual machine to a newer machine, you may not have this setting.

Specify Credentials and Protocol Type Step 4. While this is not an ideal solution, you can use it as a temporary measure.

Specify Restore Reason Step 9. Finish Working with Wizard Step 6. Select Restore Point Step 4. Specify Restore Reason Step 6. To eliminate the problem, simply remove the floppy drive from the VM configuration: Specify Backup Storage Settings Step 7. How to Backup only the snapshot. You can check this all the way to the application level.

Specify Restore Destination Step 4. Active Directory has been restored from backup media, or has been configured to host an application partition.

Specify Credentials Step 4.


Data Protection for VMware. Select Failback Destination Step 4.

Disabling VSS quiesced application based snapshots in virtual machine ()

Specify Network Settings Step 9. Select VM Step 3. Select Target Datastore Step 7. Acronis backup software, such as Acronis Backup 12, performs these backup operations correctly for all types of operating systems, servers, and applications running inside a virtual machine.

Backups with Quiescing of the Operating System and Applications

This happens with Windows and later versions. Inside the archive, there is a backup. Our website uses cookies!

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