Find one that has certified for “whatever your OS is” sticker on the box. Normal and Power Control. I’ll see if I can rig something specific up for the b in next days or so and post a link to some custom drivers made for exactly this purpose, whether installed on XP, Vista or 7. Use a simple USB devivce. If you have a question, please create a new topic by clicking here. I think I might go ahead and answer your original question since no one else bothered to

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All times are GMT To get online go the network and sharing center, then choose to manually set up a new wireless connection.

How to set tx power UP (increase tx power) in Windows 7 | Xiaopan Forums

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. My SU dongle only goes up to 16 dbm. Tried with Vista, the device works perfectly Brother D I’m a little confused, why would you need to purchase this adaptor if you have a new HP laptop which should have it’s own wireless adaptor built in? If you plug the device in without any drivers loaded, it doesn’t cycle on and off.

Originally Posted by Hopalong X. There is a simple reason why fakes will always continue to cost less money, and ALFA continues to charge a premium. But here it says that my is stronger than yours L VS B dual antenna Xiaopan Forums I own it for three years and it works flawlessly. I can not wait to get home and try new drivers. The XP x86 ones work forced on Win7 x HI, That means that Alfa has produced some drivers that have issues. Anyone who believes it to be anything else on an equal footing or in any way superior to an L are just deluding themselves when you peel back the layers.


Your name or email address: The light will blink once when I start up the computer but will not qwus036h at all again after that. Power contro not the be and end all of assessing adapter quality. I can’t even get signal in my room with my laptop but my roommate gets 5 bars and great signal strength when we connect the adapter to his Vista computer. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled.

I’ve tried a total of 17 different drivers No point “shouting” a strong signal if they can’t shout back because while increasing the TX range, you won’t be able to hear “them” because they can’t shout back the same on bog standard 3dbi AP antennas. Right-click on any and select properties and then select the power tab. I have tried using Windows to connect but to no avail.

If you have the device manager open, it appears and disappears under network adapters. The connections on NHA are very stable, even on only 1 bar of signal. I tested all 4 Alfa adapters and wrote one huge article about them on here since I own them all with no particular favoritism for any. I installed step for step how the installation cd told me to and I even went online and downloaded the latest driver.


Originally Posted by Brother D I bought this adapter as a way to stay connected to family back home during this deployment but I am having some issues getting aeus036h to work.

In any event, It is a completely different aawus036h with a different driver package.

How to set tx power UP (increase tx power) in Windows 7

Message 8 of But this is how you “really” do it, and get up to say dbm, providing the PA inside your adapter can keep up. However this tab doesn’t appear under Vista or 7 like you said reason being that it’s implemented elsewhere Currently I’m not at home but as soon as I get back in a few days I’ll write it what I did.

It’s the same driver.

When I plug the adapter into the USB port doesn’t conrrol which one and load the drivers, the adapter just cycles on and off. I have done test where the Gsky registers more bars than the Alfa, but the Alfa will connect to more APs and get better data transfer rates.

Brother D Windows 7 Ultimate x64 4 posts.

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